The technology of blowing plastic is in modern world probably one of the fastest growing technologies in plastic material processing industry as it offers optimal speed and satisfactory quality hollow products. There are currently no other plastic processing methods which could offer such wide array of products and economic advantage. 


Thanks to our 20-year experience with this technology we can provide production of many different hollow products with volume from below 0.5L to 30L. The combination of our know-how and suppliers provides a proper processing of semi-products with various devices and robot technology. Furthermore, we also offer counselling in product construction or take over the complete product and tool development. With the year 2016 we now kave knowledge on suction blow molding technology, which in our technical part represents one machine with 7 ton of clamping force.


With blowing technology we can meet the highest quality demands in different industries such as automotive and appliance industries. 


Blowing can be done with PE-HD and PP. However, we also have sufficient capacities and know-how to perform custom tests per customer needs. We have 9 blowing machines with closing force from 10 to 40 kN at our disposal.