Air Conditioning pipes

Extrusion blowing is used in the production of complete automotive air conditioning systems, in the production of air and connecting pipes for distribution of cold or warm air.


Due to the fact that our products are usually a part of a spatial design they must be modified to other products in the assembly. To achieve this we use a number of processing techniques and can via additional components ensure an assembly that enables the buyer to focus in their own product.


The development team is organised through external design and construction experts and in-house toolmakers and ensures the achievement the buyer's demands (Catia, autocad modelling, toolmaking and process automation in parallel finishing processes). 


Short cycles and correctly set process enables the achievement of high and ever-changing buyer's capacities. We offer a combination of blow moulding and blowing of vents. We also offer additional components and operations such as pasting different sealants on the vents and our assembly department takes care of a correct assembly, packaging and preparation for shipping. 


Such products can be found in the products of premium brands such as BMW, MINI and Volvo.