Own laboratory, testing chambers, 3D measuring devices, measuring instruments and other similar R&D testing and other equipment enables us efficient inclusion in various R&D projects and also to provide services in the field of prototype production, measurements and testing.

Our internal laboratory performs certain measurements, testing and calibrations for company needs or organises them in external competent laboratories and ensures services within prescribed work volume of internal laboratory performed by qualified personnel and with controlled and mastered equipment. 


  • High temperature chamber up to 300 °C KAMBIČ SP440C
  • Climatic chamber from -40 up to 180 °C and Rh up to 98 % KAMBIČ KK520CHE
  • 3D measuring machine DEA Global
  • 3D optical measuring system TESA-VISIO 300
  • Hardness tester Hildebrand HD3000
  • Thermal camera GuidIR
  • Precision pressure digital test gauge HEISE 3089 4 and 10 bar
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge ELCOMETER 207DL
  • Digestorium for flammabillity tests and burning behaviour
  • Dynamometer
  • Profil projector
  • Torquemeter
  • MultiTest 10-i (10 kN) Mecmesin's premium range computer-controlled tensile & compression testing machines
  • High-precision Wall Thickness Gauge (with sound FH4 and Extended measuring range up to 9 mm)



  • Pressure up to 10 bar resolution 1 mbar accuracy 0,05 %
  • Force up to 500 N accuracy 0,5 %
  • Torque up to 30 Nm resolution 2 cNm
  • Hardness up to 100 ShA resolution 1 ShA
  • Dimension up to 700 mm resolution 1 μm
  • Weight resolution down to 0,1 g