Our vision:


The company’s goals during its development have been guided by this vision which is based on the following points:

Company strategy

  • Development of better solutions by developing products for every client, to guide the customer towards a better product.
  • High reliabilityof products and services.
  • Reasonable use of means and resources.
  • High compatibility level of systems at different customers.
  • High degree of systems compatibility for different customers.
  • Adaptation to customers and users in terms off unctionality of the products and responsiveness of processes.
  • Relationship towards the know-how and people in the company must come before the effectiveness and represents the key to success achieved through the aforementioned goals.
  • Satisfaction within the company is the foundation for customer satisfaction.


We must take into consideration the safety of the products and care for reducing the potential risks for the employees and follow the applicable law.

We can derive our basicobjectives from these directives:

  • to become a partner of our customers in developing products through specialized knowledge, built through workand experience,
  • to createcommunication between the companyemployees that enables transfer of knowledge and ideas with the same objective - to meet our partner's needs,
  • to constantly care for the positive influence ofthe companyon the environment and to create a pattern of a good manager in the living and working environment,
  • to maintain and improve the quality management system according to the requirements of the standard ISOTS16949 byfollowing the emerging market requirements,
  • to maintain and improve the environment protection systemand to prevent pollutionin accordance with the standard ISO 14001,
  • to constantly monitor the development of th elegislation in the field of environment protection and to simultaneously implementit in the execution processes,
  • to constantlycontrol the measurable annualqualityobjectives and the effects of environment protection and to interdisciplinary monitor themand to simultaneously execute the necessary preventive and corrective measures,
  • business objectives are definedin the annually revised businessplan that shows the development trend.